Lessons learned from the pandemic

Life before the pandemic

For me, before the pandemic had happened, it was a regular occurrence to go outside and breath in the fresh air from the outside world, but like everyone else I would have never imagined that it would have been my last too, not literally obviously. I know that life before the pandemic hit was mundane for everybody and that even though it was predictable it was something which everyone more or less preferred because that was the default lifestyle everyone had been accustomed to. I am no different, I didn’t feel as though I despised my current lifestyle of attending college physically. It was just that I was used to going to an educational environment which was the same ground where I would be able to further my knowledge in computer science.

Life during the pandemic

During the pandemic everyone had to get a hold of the new reality in which we were all attending or going to work digitally. It was during the two week lockdown in which we all had transformed how we had gone about our day, I would no longer be attending college or be going back physically but would be learning form online. This was no different for people who would be working from home or no longer be able to work. The new reality of staying at home all day had kicked in and everyone had to adjust to it in their own way. We seemed to understand that now was the time to get used to how we’re going to be living and to make the best of it for the next two weeks. Life during the pandemic was not easy, from the constant news of more people becoming infected to seeing the death rate doubling everyday, to suddenly having to adjust learning from home and having to build a makeshift space where I could attend my classes. It was a large adjustment for everyone. There were many other factors which only felt like things were getting worse such as many shops closing down and going bankrupt to the stock market crashing 2–3 times in a single day. It is obvious to say that this is not the best of times for many of us that it hits some people harder than others.

What have we learned?

While the pandemic has had a harsh impact on the world we must look at it was a lesson and learn from it. We can understand that the pandemic has had a larger impact than we would have imagined rather than originally thought. The Pandemic has advanced use of the internet where we now see it as more vital than ever because of how it provides education from the colleges and schools we attend, food because the elderly need a way to feed themselves without going outside and , businesses by how we now support local shops by ordering from them online rather than going to them physically. Another large impact we have seen that the pandemic has had is separating the weak businesses from the strong such as Chuck E. Cheese, J.C. Penny, Lord and Taylor and so on. The Pandemic has broken down the business models of old companies which have stayed alive simply by not evolving and has rewarded the business that have continually evolved by letting them stand among those that have survived the storm.

What have you learned from the pandemic?



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